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Bevin Bell-Hall Headshot.jpg
Bevin Bell-Hall - VO Commercial Demo

Grand Theft Musical, Theatre for the New City

"Talented performers were Bevin Bell-Hall with a lovely singing voice..."

      -Melinda Pressler, Melinda's Malarky Around the Apple 


Speakeasy, Theatre for the New City

"As Jane's best friend, hooch-maker, and possible extramarital love interest, the fiery

Bevin Bell-Hall charms the room as Roberta White."

      -Chloe Edmonson, Off Off Online

Constellations, Name of Bird - Artists in Residence at GLMCC and University of Windsor

"A masterclass in Ease"

      -Mark Monday, founder of The Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium (GLMCC)

The 39 Steps, The Hilberry Repertory Theatre

"Bevin Bell-Hall plays multiple roles with several costume changes--from the spy to the seemingly innocent, but really very randy, farmer's wife to Hannay's love interest and cohort in the story. She carries a big load in the show, and is marvelous and sexy at every turn."

      -David Kiley, Encore Michigan

"The Woman, played by Bevin Bell-Hall, is a brilliant send up of Hollywood’s best female stereotypes – the seductress, the innocent ingénue, and the good-hearted farm girl – in this case, one with a decidedly Scottish accent."

      -Patty Nolan, Detroit Theatre Examiner


Moon Over Buffalo, The Hilberry Repertory Theatre

"Bevin Bell-Hall as Charlotte Hay is an unstoppable force, with seemingly telekinetic powers to thrill and threaten the men around her with just a look."

      -Patty Nolan, Detroit Theatre Examiner


"The delightful performance of Bevin Bell-Hall as Charlotte Hay evokes reminiscences of the great comedienne (Carol Burnett)."

      - Robert Delaney, The New Monitor


"Bevin Bell-Hall as the often exasperated Charlotte calls upon a virtual repertory company of faces to make and stances to take."

      -Martin F. Kohn, Encore Michigan


The Doctor In Spite of Himself, The Hilberry Repertory Theatre

"(The Doctor) is ably aided and abetted by the awesome physical and vocal talents of Bevin Bell-Hall as Lucas’ bosomy, coquette of a wife, Jacqueline. Her seduction by Sganarelle right under her husband's nose, largely played in pantomime, is a highlight of the evening."

      -John Quinn, Encore Michigan

Next to Normal, The Nevada Theatre

"Bevin Bell-Hall is absolutely captivating; holding the audience with jaws agape, lost in each moment of true theatrical catharsis. This is what theater is all about."

      -Shawnna Frazer, Nevada City Advocate


"Bevin Bell-Hall is a stand out in both acting and singing."

       -Hindi Greenberg, The Union

Boeing Boeing, The Hilberry Repertory Theatre

"Bevin Bell-Hall as Gretchen has perfect comic instincts (and potential as a German dominatrix)."

      -Patty Nolan, Detroit Theatre Examiner

Noises Off, Palo Alto Players

"Bevin Bell-Hall does wonders with sexy Brooke Ashton who plays Vicki with Gilbert & Sullivan poses.... Bell-Hall milks that touch of baby doll (the fluttery hand movements!) to squeeze surprises from the normally two-dimensional mindless vamp role. When things go wrong, it's not that this Brooke is too ignorant to notice. She willfully soldiers on, determined to have her moment, damn it."

      -Marianne Messina, MetroActive

Taming of the Shrew, The Woodland Opera House

Bevin Bell-Hall, in her Opera House debut gives a wonderful performance as Katherine. She has a fiery temper and a lot of physical stuff too, which she does beautifully.

     -Bev Sykes, Bitter Hack

August: Osage County, The Hilberry Repertory Theatre

Bevin Bell-Hall is outrageous as Violet's (Lavinia Hart) sister Mattie Fae.  Swinging from boisterous to banshee, she is every bit her sister's sibling. 

      - Modo Review

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, The Hilberry Repertory Theatre

"Given the preponderance of male roles in this play, it is perhaps inevitable that the company should require its women to portray men. What is surprising is how well this comes off, with Bevin Bell-Hall filled with gruff bluster as the judge."

      -Patty Nolan, Detroit Theatre Examiner

All in the Timing, The Hilberry Repertory Theatre

"Bevin Bell-Hall is so relaxed about doing off-the-wall characters.  She was a REAL MONKEY!"

      -Barb Herman, Hilberry Donor


Swift in All in the Timing

Mavor in Gross Indecency

Mattie Fae in August: Osage County

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